Laser treatments reduce scarring,  red/brown spots, acne scars and gives your skin an overall more even and smooth texture.


Did you know there are different types of lasers that use different types of light and wavelengths? Laser treatments and laser hair removal are offered in strip malls, and almost every corner.  Dr. David Wages has over 20 years of expertise using all types of lasers to safely give you the best results! North Shore Plastic Surgery utilizes a variety of lasers for many different treatments:

 Motus AY Pain free laser hair removal, brown and red spot removal

Profound®                                                       Skin tightening, skin rejuvenation~ Collagen and elastin stimulation

Fraxel®                                                             Melasma, acne scars, burn scars, AKs

GMAX™                                                              Hair removal, leg veins, resistant birthmarks

VBeam®                                                             Keloids, birthmarks, scars

PicoWay®                                                         All color tattoos, lentigines, brown spots

eMatrix                                                              Acne scars, stretchmarks, discolorations


Acleara™                                                            Active and cystic acne


CO2RE Intima                                                 Vaginal rejuvenation, bladder leakage

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