9/18/2019 - Deb A.

 Dr. Wages has been my doctor for seven years.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my delicate skin.  During that time, I have had various cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of my skin.  I routinely see Dr. Wages for Botox to diminish the appearance of lines on my forehead.  Since I have rosacea, I see Dr. Wages several times a year to address broken capillaries on my cheeks.  We have also done several Fraxel treatments to restore my skin’s  texture and brightness.  When I retired, I invested in a Profound treatment to achieve a youthful look, especially at my jaw line and lower chin.  During one of my visits to Dr. Wages, he noticed that a spot over my eye looked suspicious; and that the spot might be a pre-cancerous or cancerous patch that needed to be removed. 

I chose Dr. Wages to remove the lesion above my eye because I knew that I would have the best clinical outcome, while preserving the aesthetic appearance of my face.  Over the years, I found Dr. Wages to be a skilled plastic surgeon who achieves the best results.  Also, he is a doctor with integrity, kindness, and compassion for his patients.  I am so fortunate to be his client.  He has taken excellent care of me, and I trust him completely with my medical and cosmetic needs.  

Dr. Wages’ staff is pleasant, personable, and professional.  I appreciate their care for me.  I feel respected and honored by everyone in the office.  

People often comment on my lovely skin and how young I look for my age.  I credit Dr. Wages with my success story.  I am two weeks out of my surgery for suspected cancer above my eye.  My forehead looks great.  People say that they can’t even see where I had the surgery—I have to point it out to them.  I know that in a few months, it will look even better.  In a time when good health care may be hard to find, I have total trust and overwhelming gratitude for the care I have received from Dr. Wages.

 This Surgery Gave Me my Life Back- RealSelf Review

  • 17 Jun 2019

If you have been considering having any type of procedure, I highly recommend Dr. Wages - consult with him and see the new life you could have. I thought about having surgery for years, but never thought I could. Then I met Dr. Wages and everything changed, everything he explained, all the questions he answered - I was shown what really could be. Then I had the body surgery (midsection) that changed my life, that saved my life, it took me from the the hidden existence I had been living and now I have a healthier body, a healthier outlook, I haven't felt this good in years!! Dr. Wages and his staff were wonderful, attentive, caring and assuring, they checked in on me regularly after the procedure, the healing was seamless, I had no complications or side affects that I had heard about and the scaring was minimal. I carry myself with a confidence I haven't known in many years, this really gave me my life back!! There is not enough gratitude to express what Dr. Wages and his staff did for me!


"Really happy with my procedures.  Dr. Wages did a fantastic job.  Breast augmentation was real easy and almost painless.  Abdominoplasty was painful, but well worth the pain.  I only took pain meds for one week.  Highly recommend either procedure."

“I had a great experience.  I am a registered nurse and work in an intensive care unit.  I found Dr. Wages and his staff to be knowledgeable and they delivered compassionate care, not to mention the outcomes of my procedures were awesome!  I highly recommend Dr. Wages!”

“I am really happy with my results.  Dr. Wages did a fantastic job.  Breast augmentation was easy and painless.  Abdominoplasty was more uncomfortable but worth it.  I only took pain meds for a few days.  Highly recommend this!”

“My overall experience with Dr. Wages has been wonderful.  He guided me through every step and I felt support and care by him and his staff.  I would recommend Dr. Wages to all my friends!”

“Absolutely worth going through the surgery.  I should have done this “YEARS AGO”.  These are things that I could never have corrected with diet and exercise alone.  Dr. Wages and his staff are fantastic!”

“The saying on the wall “He is a master of his art” is 100% true.  Results much more than I ever expected.  Very nice and friendly all around.  I felt very comfortable from day one.  I would recommend Dr. Wages to anyone who asked me for a plastic surgeon.”

"I have a new relationship with my body that I never dreamed was possible.  I now love myself when I look at myself."


"The process was so easy! I wish I had it done sooner!" "Initially, I was nervous about the procedure, but having my breasts reduced was a life changing experience. Recovery was easy and I was back to work and my daily routine in no time. Clothes fit better and I am confident all around. I was always 100% comfortable with Dr. Wages and the staff at NSPS. They all do a wonderful job! thank you!""My husband has a new wife...and, it's ME!" "Dr. Wages is a master of his art!" "I am extremely happy with my results" " I wish I had done it years ago" "I look better, young...you can't complain about that"

“I can not put into words the gratitude for the improvement I experienced…It was Phenomenal!”

"This was the best thing I could have ever done. Wish I had done it sooner. The staff is great. Best Experience!" 


“I have had an amazing and positive life changing experience with Dr. Wages having a very successful and perfect breast augmentation. It was an extremely easy, quick, and painless recovery. I was out running errands the next day and doing laundry. I was to back to work in 3 days! Dr. Wages did a perfect job and so many including myself were so impressed in the technique and quick recovery as well people saying "they are the perfect size for your" and "they look very natural". My breasts are the perfect size and for the first time in my life I feel proportioned and very confident as I have very athletic body type and am a personal trainer. A nurse I work with and many other she works with highly recommended Dr. Wages for best technique, easiest recovery, and doing the best job. His staff and himself are extremely friendly, provide superior customer service and make you very comfortable. I am so grateful I met him and his staff and would recommend any procedure or surgery with him.” Tammy 2/2019

“I am a new person, my friends have not gotten used to the improved confidence I carry.”“I can now wear clothes that fit!”“Dr. Wages took great care of me. I wish I had done it years ago. They look GREAT!”“Awesome experience, I highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Wages to everyone who is interested in breast augmentation.”“Easier than I was expecting. Dr. Wages is a kind and gentle surgeon. I would strongly recommend him to anyone!” “Dr. Wages and his staff are extremely professional and informative. All of my questions were answered pre-surgery and I hand an absolute comfort level going into my procedure. I am overly satisfied with my results and care. Thank you!”


“I am so happy with the results even at one week. I was very self-conscious about the appearance of my breasts and Dr. Wages did such a wonderful job that I will be able to wear anything!”

"From the beginning of this journey I had very high expectations.  From the day I met Dr. Wages, going over what to expect, and the process including the recovery I knew I was in good hands.  I am pleased to share with anyone that he has exceeded my expectations.  I love how things look and am looking forward to enjoying my new self!”

"Trust your doctor, and take his advice. For Breast implants stay true to your body size. Be patient when healing, it takes time, but well worth it. I had my sagging skin or flaps of my arms removed and I couldn't be happier. It has only been 4 weeks and the scars are already shrinking. My Breasts were really sad after losing 120 lbs. But after the implants I feel more alive than ever. So believe in yourself. I Feel beautiful!"


“My first visit to Dr. Wages was very inviting from all of his staff. I met the doctor and we went over all my needs and expectations. I truly could not stand my belly hanging and my chubby mid drift . Dr. Wages has a great eye for perfection. We went over everything and I had a full understanding of the operation that would be needed. We continued to pursue my mission and scheduled the operation for a month later. Every step of the way was nothing but professionalism and kindness from his entire staff. The operation was a total success and the results are remarkable!!! I haven't measured my waist yet but I'm sure it is at least 3 inches smaller and flat as a pancake!!! I will definitely be referring my friends to Dr. Wages and his staff!! Happy 2019!!!!!!”

"Wow, I could not believe the lack of scars, it was a lot better than I expected." "My life has changed for the best since I had my procedure done. I am feeling good about myself and most importantly I feel good! I am so grateful to Dr. Wages for making me a happy woman again!" " Dr. Wages and his staff have made the procedure so easy and painless. The first day I walked in his office everyone here made me feel welcome! This process has been one of the most rewarding in my life. I cannot thank Dr.Wages and his staff enough for changing my life. My self-esteem has changed. I feel happy inside and out. I am Miss little "J-Lo" now!" "My overall experience with Dr. Wages has been wonderful. He guided me through every step and I felt supported by him and his staff. Vickie was incredible helpful too. She was so accessible and offered me useful advice during my healing. I would recommend Dr. Wages to all my friends!"


"Every woman wishes for that perfect body, especially their breasts. I was so uncomfortable with my breasts. They were small and sagging and not very appealing at all. My first experience with Dr. Wages was the beginning of my life! I feel the best I've had in a long, long time. My breasts are beautiful! Dr. wages is such a kind, gentle, surgeon. I would strongly recommend him to everyone that is considering breast augmentation/lift!"


“Dr. Wages was so good, no pain or bruising!”

“I LOVE my lips!”

"Dr. Wages threaded the Juvederm with a blunt needle technique instead of multiple injections. It was wonderful! I had absolutely no bruising at all. Wonderful and painless! Will do it again! I Love the results!"

"Great experience!  I was scared and concerned about the cost.  It was fairly painless and well, well worth it.  Dr. Wages and the staff are the most helpful, comforting and obliging people.  Nothing was "pushed" or recommended, it was all about what I wanted and could afford.  No pressure other than my own.  Loved the results and happy each time I look in the mirror!"

"Love my lips, Juvederm works so good, I come all the time to keep my lips up!"


"A++ experience!  I Love my nose!"

"I am so incredibly happy.  It has changed my life!  Dr. Wages did exactly what I wanted.  I couldn't be any happier.  I love my nose! "


"As a man I was very self-conscious about my chest.  I was embarrassed to be in gym with "man boobs".  Dr. Wages was able to correct my problem and I am now very active and do not think twice about my appearance."

"My son had become a recluse, living in depression, skipping out on sports and social events because he was ashamed of his chest.  Since his corrective surgery he has become the young man I always knew he was.  He has lettered in two sports over the past two years and prior to surgery he would not even consider trying out for sports.  He has become a leader and role model to other young men.  Thank you for giving me the son I always knew I had."

“Best decision I ever made was getting this surgery done.  It really changed my self esteem about taking my shirt off.  It’s like I never had gynecomastia.  My chest looks 100% normal now”


"Having Dr. Wages as my physician, his skill and compassion made this journey as comfortable as possible.  Great expertise and warm staff.  Trust this team"

"I had double mastectomy and double TRAM flap reconstruction.  At the time I was 49 years old.  The nipple reconstruction was done three months later and the tattoos were done two months after that.  All wonderfully done by Dr. Wages. My decision to have the double TRAM flap procedure was definitely the right procedure for me.  I was amazed that I would use my own stomach tissue for my new breasts and the bonus was having a flatter stomach. "

"I am very happy with the results of my reconstruction, they look very natural.  Dr. Wages is extremely professional and compassionate.  He made me feel comfortable with all my decisions, and helped me get the best results!  Thank you!"

"I would like to say that Dr. Wages and his staff are very kind and caring.  And that I am so very happy that I did this.  His work is great.  I look in the mirror and feel normal again and I am also so happy that I look even in size.  That was important to me and to have nothing jump under my arm as a big deal to me.  For 12 years I had pain under my arm and no nipples and uneven breasts.  Now I have no pain, even breasts and feel good about myself. Thanks Dr. Wages!  Thank you all!"