What is it?

Our Laser Treatment BY CORE INTIMA delivers controlled energy to the vaginal area.  The laser promotes a healing response that also enhances moisture levels relieving signs of childbirth and aging.

A quick, simple and safe procedure that can be done here in the comfort of  our office. 3 easy treatments, 20 minutes each that will restore and rejuvenate vaginal health. Check out our Webinar below to hear from Dr. Wages and learn more!


  • Feminine Leakage

  • Bladder incontinence

  • Vaginal Dryness

  • Painful Intercourse


  • Is it painful?

    • No.  Non Invasive treatments are safe & effective with mild to no discomfort.

  • When will I see results?

    • Some patients experience results after 1 treatment, 3 treatments is recommended for optimal benefits.

I suffered from mild incontinence that became bothersome when I sneezed or lifted heavy weights in the gym on a regular basis. It was the best investment I made in myself. It returned my self confidence back! - Denise 7/23/17